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Kiln Burner


Pulverized Coal Burner


Multi-channel Burner


Four-channel Pulverized Coal Burner


Kiln burner is a device which makes fuel and air ejecting and burning in a certain way. It is mostly made of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials such as stainless steel or metallic titanium. The target group of burners is wide. It is widely used in boiler, smelting furnace, furnace, heat treatment, cement, building materials and other fields.

Classification of main spare parts of the burner:

Flame regulator, butterfly valve, expansion joint, pressure gauge, ignition oil gun, filter, anti-leak oil pan, switch, quick opening valve, metal hose, travel reduction motor, chain, steel wire hose, etc..

Ignition oil gun

Pressure gauge

Ground rail trolley

Mobile suspension trolley

Trolley wheel

Gear motor

Steel wire rubber hose

Expansion joint

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