Welcome to Lvssn Industrial Products Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

Project Design

Lvssn Cement has a R&D team of two hundreds professional technicians who can provide customers with detailed project design solutions, which are based on the layout of the site design, select the appropriate equipment model, determine the equipment and project cost.

Equipment Production

We also have own large steel casting production base, machining workshop, electrical workshop, from casting to finished products, the auxiliary machines needed in the whole system such as cement mill are all made by the company, solves the problem of difficult maintenance of various equipment in the later stage.

Installation & Debugging

There is a professional and high-level engineering installation team, from guiding the customer excavation foundation to the installation of the grinding machine and supporting auxiliary machines, all of which are completed by a team of company. It can greatly improve the installation efficiency, shorten the installation cycle.

Turnkey Acceptance Of Project

In the production process, customers can send engineers to the production site at any time to inspect the production process according to technical standards, and put forward suggestions and requirements for improvement, until the production of the product reaches the relevant standards.

Technical Support Department

Lvssn has already become a National grade professional first-class design and research institute that provides scientific research and development of new-type cement dry process production, engineering design, EPC project, technical consultation, technical service as well as equipment manufacturing, etc.

Lvssn has been nominated as one of the Ten Best Design and Research Institutes of the Cement Industry in 2009. We set Research Center, Process Department, Equipment Department, Electrical & Automation Department, Civil Department, Cogeneration Department, Utility Engineering Department, Technical & Economical Department, Technical Service Department, etc. In addition, we also possess an advanced computer network system, large amount of engineering data, a standard library, a technical development center and a technical industry base, and a team with profound engineering experiences. Our staff is all selected from well-known colleges, famous building material research institutes, large-scale cement corporations, etc.

Our Partner

Conduct in-depth cooperation with more than 500 foreign buyers, and maintains long-term cooperation with more than 1,000 domestic advanced manufacturing suppliers.